Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Iva Yates dies at 101

Hi Philippians!

Some of you may not know that Iva Yates, our oldest member, died this morning, January 31. She was 101 years old. I regret I didn't know her. What a storehouse of amazing history her memories must have been!

Her home is right on 33 down a little past Lover's Lane and has been converted into a charming museum called the Yates House. You can see pictures of her there in the main room. She was quite beautiful.

If anyone has any memories of Iva, feel free to post them or to call me and tell me about them.

We don't have a firm time for the funeral, but we know it will be on Saturday, with a reception following at the church. Watch the Sentinel for the obituary.

Peace to all from Pastor Mike

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Welcome to Philippi Christian Church

Just want to welcome everyone to this little experiment. This is an opportunity for everyone at Philippi to have an ongoing conversation about things of interest to Philippians.

You can comment on sermons, converse on current events from a Christian perspective, share a prayer concern, keep us posted on a person we're praying for, get feedback on your own Christian walk, or just share your happy news!

I'm a little new to blogging, but I'm fairly sure you have to sign in to blogspot to post comments, but I may be wrong on that. It doesn't cost anything and no one will bombard you with advertizing for doing so.

So blog away!