Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cornelia Kennard and Joy Brooks

Shortly after the death of Iva Yates, Cornelia died, and a week later, Joy. Makes for a hard winter for our Philippi family.

We're going to miss Cornelia's smile and Joy's great sense of fun. Our hearts go out to Jimmy and June and Buddy and Sissy and David.

At the same time, Philippi's worship attendance in January averaged 76. This is a 14% increase over last January! This last Sunday, February 18, we had 88 in church. January and February have typically been very quiet, low attendance months at Philippi. Something is happening!

I struggled with a cold during my vacation, and now I'm on my third day of fever. I'll be at our Ash Wednesday service tonight, but I'm not getting much else done. Love to hear from any and all of you!